Our Story

In his profession as an Independent Software Engineering Consultant, Alex has worked closely with clients from different African countries. Among solutions worked on were websites …having met clients who wished to own websites but couldn’t afford due to restrictions by their financial muscles with others opting & requesting for trainings in order to create and manage theirs (without learning the actual code of course)

His mind energized by unaccounted gallons of coffee, he hacked up a solution (Skytop.Africa) with two approaches:

  1. Haba Pay: Pay inititial instalment, have the website live and service your balance as intallments in agreed months
  2. Learn Websetup: There are two approaches into this:
      • Attend a 5 hour step by step interactive websetup guide 
      • Download the Skytop.Africa app and follow the step by step guide

Note: If you attend at least one of our training you get a promo-code that unlocks your app;  hence you will have a free lifetime access to the app’s content


We believe we can make things easier

We’re masters at simplifying the complicated. You care about your business, not fiddling with it’s online presence, so we set out to make Skytop Africa intuitive so you can be productive right away.


We believe we can make things powerful

Enterprise-grade websites doesn’t have to be reserved for the big box stores. We believe we can level the playing field by bringing you the most powerful web technology at a price you can afford.


We believe in small business

Small businesses are the driving force behind our economy. We believe we can help by providing websites (and web design knowledge) for you to work smarter and achieve your dreams faster.



Founder | CEO | Mentor | Consultant

As the founder of Skytop.Africa, Alex has worn many hats. He is our #1 list maker, our innovation and operations lead, spends most of his time managing the product teams and growing the business. Before starting Skytop.Africa, he was an independent software engineering consultant. He is also a practicing certified online growth hacker. He’s our number one swashbuckler. In his spare time, you can find him behind mugs of coffee trying to review coffee in different restaurants, travelling or being obnoxious about football.

Abigail Nyokabi

Chief of Operations | Digital Marketer

Abby is a digital marketer and IT expert. She is an industrious, creative, goal oriented, vision driven, pragmatic, independent thinker whose values are time management and fulfillment in whatever tasks she partakes in. She also values her own personal growth development and of the society as well. She is considered to have a mentor able spirit. Her unique proposition is that she applies her experience, education, skills and abilities in tutoring and offering Skytop.Africa services to the best of her capability to its clients.